When to Use Darker Hardwood Flooring in a Small Space

When to Use Darker Hardwood Flooring in a Small Space

When to Use Darker Hardwood Flooring in a Small Space

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Hardwood flooring NYC is one of the most desirable types of flooring available, and there are many reasons for this. Wood floors are easy to maintain, and they promote excellent indoor air quality. They have a timeless elegance that many homeowners desire, and they can increase your resale value when you are ready to sell the home. These are only a few of the many benefits associated with hardwood. However, before you can enjoy the benefits in your home, you may be wondering what hue to choose. Lighter woods are commonly used in small spaces, but you may be wondering when it is acceptable or beneficial to use darker hues in small spaces.

When Wood Striations Lengthen the Dimensions of the Room
With some lighter colors, the wood striations are less noticeable. Wood often has exceptional striations, and these striations can be used to create the illusion of more space. You can choose the appropriate way to lay the wood during the installation process to take advantage of this visual effect. Wood striations are most noticeable when you have a dark background color with heavily contrasted, bright striations.

When You Need Contrast for Visual Effect
When you install lighter hardwoods in a room that has neutral walls and furnishings, you may create a white-washed look. In some spaces, this can be desirable. However, you may also use dark hardwood flooring NYC to create a dramatic visual effect. The contrast between dark floors and light walls or furnishings can be exciting. Furthermore, because so many light colors are used elsewhere in the room, you may not need to worry about the darker wood making the room feel smaller.

When Wood Floors Create the Illusion of Higher Ceilings
Darker colors can create the illusion of depth in some cases. This is most easily achieved when your wood has a high gloss sheen or has minimal striations. The darker color of the wood floors can make it difficult for the eye to firmly ascertain the depth of the room. While your feet may tell you where the floor is at, your eyes may play a trick on you. If you want to create the visual effect of height in an otherwise small room, darker floors are a great option.

It is understandable that many homeowners would want to follow common conventions and decorating advice when updating their floors. Common convention does tell you not to use darker colors in a small room because darker hues can close in the space and make it feel smaller than it is. However, when you choose the right dark wood and when you have a specific goal you want to accomplish by incorporating a darker color into your flooring, you can step out of the mold and can enjoy tremendous decorating results.

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