How to Care For Your Hardwood Flooring

How to Care For Your Hardwood Flooring

How to Care For Your Hardwood Flooring

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Proper care is of uttermost importance if you want your hardwood flooring to last long. You need to adhere to certain cleaning protocols to protect the surface of your wood floor against damage and help maintain its appearance. Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to help you preserve the longevity of your hardwood floor.

Routine cleaning

Using a microfiber cloth or mop to dust on a daily basis is the best defense against surface damage. A microfiber mop pad offers better results than a broom since it traps dirt, pet hair and other allergens with static electricity. Because the bristles of some brooms might scratch the surface of wood floors, using a microfiber mop is also safer. Remember to lift the microfiber mop off your floor as slightly as possible so that dirt remains trapped on the pad.

Vacuum cleaning

Use a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment to vacuum the surface of your hardwood floor every week. Since vacuuming a debris-filled wooden surface is known to cause scratches, you should use a microfiber mop to dust the floor first. You also need to keep a watchful eye on your vacuum cleaner’s wheels since they can easily damage the surface of your floor. Refrain from using machines that have a beater bar because they can scratch your floor’s finishing.


Use a wood cleaning product and a damp mop to clean your floor at least once every month. Use a damp flat mop that has a microfiber head. Instead of using water to dampen it, use a hardwood cleaner to mist the head lightly. You don’t need a lot of cleaning product to get your floor clean. Instead, use the minimum amount required. You need to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before you use a cleaning product on wood floor surfaces that have protective sealant. Don’t steam mop or wet mop your hardwood floor to keep the finish from dulling.

Proper maintenance

• A regular cleaning routine is the best way to prevent potential damages and ensure your wood floor stays as good as new. Try to follow every cleaning instruction listed above.

• If your floor has a surface finish, make sure you polish it every three months. Most hardwood flooring NYC feature polyurethane surface finishes that seal and protect the wood. These finishes give wood floors a glossy shine.

• Over time, the surface of your floor will dull and develop visible scratches due to normal wear and tear. Polishing the surface helps to renew the appearance of your hardwood flooring by restoring its shine and buffing away the microscopic scratches. Aside from making sure you use recommended polishing products, you should also follow the instructions provided. Remember not to use wax on your hardwood floor if it has a urethane or glossy finish.

• You can protect your wood floor against heat and UV rays using window coverings.

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