Four Things to Look for Before Refinishing Your Wood Flooring

Four Things to Look for Before Refinishing Your Wood Flooring

Four Things to Look for Before Refinishing Your Wood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is a popular flooring material for many reasons. It has long-term appeal and classic elegance that makes it a truly valuable addition to a home. There are many types of wood used in flooring, giving you the ability to create an ideal look in your with this material. When you refinish it periodically, you may be able to enjoy it for many decades or more. However, before you refinish your wood flooring, you should take a closer look at these important factors.

1. The Thickness of the Wood

The process of refinishing wood flooring requires you or a professional to sand down the uppermost layer of the floor before staining it. This may take off one-eighth to one-quarter inch of the surface in some cases. Therefore, your wood floor should have a suitable thickness to be sanded and to still have enough thickness for longevity. If your original wood slats were thin or of the hardwood flooring has been refinished in the past, re-sanding the material may not be an option.

2. The Type of Wood Flooring You Have

Some people think that they have true hardwood flooring, but they may actually have engineered wood floors or even laminate floors. Laminate flooring cannot be refinished and must be replaced when it is damaged or shows signs of wear. Engineered wood presses separate layers of true wood together in opposing directions. While this is a type of true wood floor, the directional factor of the wood makes refinishing an impossibility. You typically must have solid hardwood material to refinish the floor.

3. Signs of Rot or Significant Damage

Re-finishing a wood floor will remove some signs of damage, such as scratches and dents. However, significant wood rot or other types of widespread damage may dictate the need for a partial or full floor replacement. If replacing only part of the floor, the wood type and grain will need to match to produce beautiful results.

4. The Uniformity of the Material

In some homes, previous homeowners may have partially replaced the wood floor at different times or even installed it in sections. By doing so, they may have used different types of wood or different grains. When you spend the time and effort refinishing a floor, you understandably want to enjoy beautiful results. The uniformity of the wood can play a major role in your results.

While the ability to refinish wood floors is a great benefit that homeowners can enjoy, you can see that there are instances when refinishing the floor is not a suitable option. If you need help determining if your floor is true wood and can be refinished, consult with a flooring expert for a professional opinion.

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