Five Ways to Keep Hardwood Flooring Looking Spectacular

Five Ways to Keep Hardwood Flooring Looking Spectacular

Five Ways to Keep Hardwood Flooring Looking Spectacular

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Natural wood flooring is a classic option for any style of home. It also helps to minimize allergies, because dust mites have nowhere to hide in it. Hardwood is also simple to maintain, and its durability level is excellent. These five tips will help to keep hardwood floors looking good for many years.

1. Remove Shoes

Shoes should not be worn on a hardwood floor. The shoes grind abrasive materials, dirt and dust into the wood’s surface, causing scratches. Shoes also track in mud, leaves and other waste materials from the outdoors. Anyone who enters a home with hardwood floors should be asked to remove their shoes at the door. The savvy homeowner could keep a stockpile of slippers in a basket near the door for guests who have cold feet.

2. Use Furniture Foot Pads

The rollers or legs of furniture could scuff wood flooring if those rollers or legs are not properly protected. Circular furniture foot pads are available in a full range of sizes. They adhere to the bottom of the furniture with an adhesive strip that is covered by a paper backing. If you move your furniture on a regular basis, you may need to replace the furniture foot pads once every year or two in order to protect your natural wood flooring.

3. Keep Pet Nails Trimmed

Families with dogs and cats will need to stay on top of keeping the pet’s nails trimmed. When a dog or cat takes off running, their nails may gouge the hardwood floors. Even routine walking with long, curved nails on a pet’s four paws could leave scratches on the floors. For uncooperative cats that do not like their claws trimmed, there are plastic nail caps that fit over the claw tips and can be replaced every six to eight weeks.

4. Promptly Clean Spills

When something spills on a hardwood floor, it is important to clean it up right away. Pigments in wine, fruit juice or soda could stain the flooring. Acids in soda and wine could etch away at the floor. Soak up the spill with a cotton towel or cloth, then rinse the area with soap and water. The sooner a spill is cleaned, the less likely it is to damage the wood.

5. Regularly Sweep, Mop and Seal

Wood floors should be swept daily in order to remove abrasive materials. Mopping is also important to helping maintain the floors. Every one to three years, the hardwood should be sealed. This is best left to professionals who have the right equipment and sealant for the type of wood floors that you have.

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