4 Trends to Know About Hardwood Flooring

4 Trends to Know About Hardwood Flooring

4 Trends to Know About Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring has been a natural, elegant flooring option for many years. It’s longlasting and provides a great value. Knowing some of the trends will make it easier for you to achieve a beautiful aesthetic in your home.

1. Wider Planks

It’s possible to go with wider planks in order to create a different look within the home. Many manufacturers are creating wider and longer planks, which provides you with plenty of options. The benefit to going with wider planks on wood flooring is that it helps to make a room much larger than it really is. It’s important to look at the overall measurements of a room to determine what’s going to work. When there are wider planks used, it also speeds up installation because there aren’t as many planks to lay.

2. Different Textures

You can choose from an array of textures for the hardwood flooring. Years ago, the only option was a high-gloss finish. Now, it’s possible to go with varying forms of gloss. There are also wire-scratched and hand-scratched textures. This can provide a more rustic look for the home. It’s often complimented with other features in the home, such as exposed wood beams.

3. New Colors

Plenty of new colors are available for you to consider. This is the chance to go with something unique inside your home. You might also want to consider placing several hues across your home. Gray is a hot trend that is here to stay, allowing you to introduce a charcoal or slate color to your wood flooring. Blonde and dark stains are also being used, making it easy to coordinate with countertops and cabinetry.

4. Materials

There are all sorts of different types of wood being used on flooring, too. Oak and mahogany were common many years ago. Now, in the effort of going green, many manufacturers are introducing reclaimed wood flooring. The benefit of this is that you gain access to wood that would otherwise be way too expensive. American-made flooring is also gaining popularity, showing people how they can support their local economy. Further, there are other materials, such as cork and bamboo, that are making their way into more and more homes.

It’s worth taking the time to do the research on wood flooring. It will make it easier to get the look you desire. Plus, it’s a way to make sure you are on trend with all that’s going on.

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